Article #1 – Cloud Computing for beginners

Buzz word “Cloud Computing”

Hello everyone,

Are you the one who is passionate about learning Cloud computing however you are not sure where to start with?

Then you have landed on the right page because I’m going to write up in such a way that even a person from the non-IT background can also understand very well.

I thought to share my personal experience when it comes to certification aspect. so stay tuned on my articles…

What’s covered in this article:

  • A Real world example
  • Challenges in managing our own datacenter
  • “Pay as you Use” concept

A Real world example

Let’s assume that I would like to reach Sydney from India (preferably through flight).

Then I have two options

  1. Buy a private Jet ✈️…. recruit a couple of pilots …. recruit some cabin crew members then fly to Sydney
  2. Simply Get a flight ticket from India to Sydney from any of the Airlines then fly to Sydney

If you take a look at the above two examples there are some Advantages and Disadvantages on both these options

In the first option, It’s very expensive to manage the Jet, cabin crew members however It’s my Jet so it will be always available for me to fly

In the second option, It’s very economic and I will only pay for the trip (not for the Jet, Cabin crew members) however I have to book my ticket well in advance, In case of urgency the possibility of getting a ticket would be low.

So which one you should choose ??? It’s all depending upon your use case…

Let’s take a look at the example in the computer world

If I want to host my Java Web Application then the usual requirements would be …

  • Provisioning a Physical Web-Server (to host my Web Application) in the datacenter with the specific Hardware configuration of the server such as
    • CPU Core
    • Storage (Hard drives)
    • Memory (RAM)
    • Network connectivity (NIC Cards)
  • Deploy the Operating system in the server (preferably Linux)
  • Deploy the run time such as Java, Tomcat web server
  • Deploy my code in the web server
  • Get a registered domain name for my web application
  • point the domain to my web server.

Now certainly there are some challenges in the above scenario.

Challenges in managing our own datacenter

  • Maintain the power and cooling for the datacenter
  • Manage the Server in terms of Server Hardware
  • Manage a data centre operator for the hardware failing
  • Manage the networking components such as router and switch
  • Maintaining the High availability of the application in terms of any disaster


“Pay as you Use” concept

Instead of managing the entire data centre to host few of my applications then why don’t we host our application in some rented environment.

Example: If you are going to some outstation, will you purchase a home to stay or will you take some rented accomodation for few days ? Obviously the second option isn’t it ?

That’s where the “Pay as you Use” concept comes into the picture.

Cloud computing is all about “Pay as you Use” their resources such as Storage, compute, Networking, DNS etc.

In the Next Article…

We will see the Overview of the significant components in Cloud Computing such as Virtual Machines, Storage, Compute, Networking etc.